A dramatic & bold living room space with a wall-sized book & display shelf, a modern bright sofa and geometric rug

Our philosophy

We cultivate enduring beauty through thoughtful and purposeful design.

Mae Brunken

At Mae Brunken Design, our paramount mission is to create environments that resonate deeply with the nuanced emotions of our clients and function as a catalyst to inspired living. Acknowledging that a well-customized space serves as an extension of one’s lifestyle, we navigate the intricate interplay between architecture planning and interior design, ensuring a holistic and fluid design flows from room to room.

Guided by the philosophy of “buying less but better,” we bring an elevated touch to design, imparting a unique and sustainable essence to our work. Far beyond pigment, we view color as a mood—a powerful tool expertly wielded to elicit emotional responses that elevate the narrative of interior design.

We encapsulate a synthesis of function, color, personal style, architectural precision, and customization into both our residential and commercial projects. This ethos defines our practice and underscores our dedication to transforming spaces into living environments that are both healthy and harmonious to reflect the lifestyle of those who inhabit and experience them.

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